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DPPU - Universal drip pan pillows in a panDPPU - Universal drip pan pillows in a pan


Product SKU 213 |
  • Description
DPPU - Universal drip pan pillows in a pan are ideal to catch leaks and drips coming from spigots, machinery or common places where drips and leaks happen. You can continuously use the drip pan while only replacing the universal absorbent pillow.

  • Keep the drip pan - just replace the oil pillow
  • Comes complete with 4 reusable drip pans and 20 oil-only absorbent pillows filled with 100% polypropylene for maximum absorbency
  • Drip pans ideal for use under leaky spigots, dripping pipes and in other problem areas

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Parameters of product

length: 25 cm
Width: 25 cm
Height: 8 cm
Absorption: 48 l/unit
Pieces per unit: 4 drip pans and 20 universal pillows