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AU1000 - Universal absorbent coarse granulesAU1000 - Universal absorbent coarse granules
AU1000 - Universal absorbent coarse granules


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Suitable for road use, AU1000  remains granular even when saturated. Ideal for oils, chemicals including strong acids.

AU 1000 is a fast acting and safe (chemically non-reactive) absorbent: All types of chemicals, such as water, oil and other chemicals (excl. hydrofluoric acid) on hard surfaces will be absorbed quickly and encapsulated in the porous structure of the granules

AU1000 works quickly because of its high absorption capacity. That means you will save time when removing liquids. A higher absorption capacity also means that you will need less material and reduce the amount of waste. AU1000 is non-slippery
AU 1000 is a natural mineral product. It is not water repellant and will not float on water.

Applications: AU1000 is an absorption granule that can be used inside as well as outside because of its relatively large particles (1-3 mm). It can be used preventative and in maintenance situations. It is ideal to clean and secure industrial floors or to remove oil from roads and high ways.


Parameters of product

Absorption capacity:

8,3 (l fuel oil/unit)

Bulk weight:

485 (g/l)


1-3 mm


9,5 kg