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Roldex MEP - oil-only absorbent rolls trafficRoldex MEP - oil-only absorbent rolls traffic
Roldex MEP - oil-only absorbent rolls traffic

Roldex MEP

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Roldex MEP oil-only absorbent roll with tread-resistant layer. Ideal in front of machines and on walkways.

The oil-only absorbent roll traffic can be used anywhere, especially on floors, where oil must be absorbed, such as factories, laboratories, workshops and warehouses.
Roldex MEP absorb and bind oil and oil-based liquids, reducing the risk of slipping due to oil leaks on the floor.
Ideal for absorbing oil spills or catching drips.
Made of high quality 100% polypropylene nonwoven batting, equipped with a black extra tread-resistant additional layer for a safe stand at the workplace.
Thanks to its black color, which is less susceptible to dirt, the Roldex MEP oil binding mat can remain in use longer.
The perforated material of the absorbent roll can be easily torn to the desired size, so you only use as much as you actually need.
They are ideal for catching drips and absorbing oil stains.
Made of flame retardant material, the absorbent material does not burn directly like cellulose, for example, but melts when exposed to high heat during use.
Roldex MEP are non-toxic, chemically neutral and fast acting.

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Parameters of product

Length: 44 m
Width: 96 or 48 cm
Absorption: 236 l/unit
Weight and construction:          heavy weight, 2 layers                         
Pieces per unit: 1 x 96 or 2 x 48 cm