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Spagex 4.5_Oil-only absorbent spaghetti particulateSpagex 4.5_Oil-only absorbent spaghetti particulate

Spagex 4.5

Product SKU 300 |
  • Description


Spagex 4.5 - oil-only spaghetti particulate is mostly used to build a custom-made filtration system.
The pieces are cut in a patented way to make sure the sides are not closed off so that the pores of the pieces are fully open for absorption.

  • Can be used in all types of filtration systems. For example a filter before an active carbon filtration system. This reduces the wear of the active carbon filter greatly.
  • Absorbs all petroleum-based liquids without absorbing water
  • Absorbs up to 25 times its own weight


Parameters of product


0.3 - 0.4 cm 


72 l/unit


4 kg