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  • Description

Keep your sumps, tanks and bilges oil-free with the easy-to-retrieve Sump boom. Simply lower this floating boom/skimmer into any water-based liquid to absorb even the thickest oils without taking in any water.

  • Contained absorbent makes cleanup quick and easy
  • Polypropylene filler is chemical-resistant and hydrophobic for containing and absorbing oil-based spills; holds in liquid, even when fully saturated
  • Tough outer mesh lets fluids easily pass through to filler material
  • Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids—including lubricants and fuels —without absorbing water
  • Floats on water to soak up unwanted oil-based fluids that collect in sumps, tanks and bilges
  • Bright white color makes absorbed oil easier to see; clearly shows saturation level


Parameters of product

Length (cm): 50
Diameter (cm): 20
Absorption (liter / unit): 138
Number of pieces per unit: 10