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Oil-only absorbents


OREAD, your partner for a clean and safe environment, always provides the ideal product for your special application, whether you are looking for a product for containing, absorbing or cleaning a spill.

Please find below our five categories of oil-only absorbents:

Oil-only absorbent meltblown polypropylene: Oil-only sorbent pads and rolls are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, especially on water, as they are water-repelling / hydrophobic oil-only sorbents, which absorb many times its own weight in oil and float on water even when completely saturated.

Oil-only granules: This category consists of oil-only sorbents in the form of granules, flakes and spaghetti strips. These can be used indoor and outdoor, as preventative measure or in case of a spill. Depending on raw materials used, some granules are hydrophobic and some are not.

Oil-only booms, socks and pillows: Oread oil-only booms and socks are water-repelling sorbents in form of socks in various sizes and diameters; they contain and absorb leaking oil and oil-based fluids at the same time and prevent spills from spreading. Oil-only absorbent pillows are ideal for use in areas where a container is leaking and a fluid is dripping out.

Oil-only spill kits: Oread provides spill kits in several sizes: Small and middle sized, packed in a solid transport bag so that it is easily at hand for smaller spills or packed in a larger (wheely) container/bin for larger spills; please ask for your custom made spill kit, especially tailored to your needs!

Degreaser: In order to remove all oil and grease from a hard surface, Oread offers a biodegradable water-based degreaser; it is ideal for applications in places, where waste water can only be disposed through rainwater channels.