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JF filter rollsJF filter rolls
JF filter rolls JF filter rolls JF filter rolls JF filter rolls

JF filter rolls for metal-cutting fluids

Product SKU 1000-1 |
  • Description

JF Filter Rolls for metal-cutting fluids

  • are produced from extremely fine fibers
  • are highly resistant against water and mineral substances and capable of capturing fine metal dust produced while grinding and cutting of metal surfaces
  • are permeable for water-based liquids such as coolants

By filtering the contamination, it significantly extends the life of the coolant. It is placed on the shaft and
stretched over the bath in which the coolant flows altogether with fine metal flakes and partially petroleum
products. As the dirt covers the filter media, the roll is pulled automatically or manually. And the coolant is
purified. It is available in different dimensions customized to any type of machine.

Maximum effective filtration temperature: 160 °C
Minimim size of pores: 46 Micron
Maximum size of pores: 55 Micron
Average size of pores: 48 Micron