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OREATEX OR 2 - floor dispenser OR 1 - wall dispenser


Product SKU 900 |
  • Description

Oread offers an ideal solution for wiping, cleaning and polishing for any type of industry.

  • OREATEX wipes are abrasion and solvent resistant. The absorption capacity is high and they are non linting.
  • OREATEX wipes are an excellent substitute for cotton rags and cleaning while generating less waste due to its high absorption capabilities.
  • OREATEX can be used at workshops as well as household applications for cleaning glass, metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, dirty hands, etc.
  • OREATEX absorbs all kinds of liquids, such as oil, water and emulsions.
  • OREATEX is available with two different roll handlers with strong construction, one is standing and the other one can be mounted on the wall to keep these high-quality rolls handy.


Parameters of product

 Length: 380 m
Width: 40 cm
Weight:                5,3 kg