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ES 113 - Underwater repair epoxy stickES 113 - Underwater repair epoxy stick

ES 113

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  • Description


ES 113 is a 2-component, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive used for high strength, permanent bonding of metals, ceramics, concrete, wood, glass and most plastics. This product can withstand temperatures up to 149ºC.

Product features

  • Premeasured resin and hardener for easy application, consistent strength and time savings - no waste, no mess, no clumping.
  • Bonds virtually any material.
  • Repair, fill and seal holes, cracks and worn surfaces.
  • May be drilled, tapped, sanded, or machined and painted after cure.

Special features

Underwater repair epoxy stick ES 113 works on both wet and dry surfaces and sets up and cures under water. This putty like material is ideal for plumbing, irrigation and marine applications because it is unaffected by chlorinated or salt water. It is hand-kneadable, available in “tear-off” strips and fully cures in one hour.

Typical applications

Plug and fill cracks, leaks and holes on pipes, fittings, tanks, valves and pumps especially in plumbing, irrigation and marine applications where applications are underwater.

Directions for use

1. For best adhesion, clean and roughen surfaces prior to application.
2. Twist off desired amount.
3. Knead to uniform color.
4. Fill or plug crack or hole.
5. Repairs should be in place within 15 minutes.

Properties of uncured material (typical value)

Chemical Type Epoxy and resin
Appearance     Green/white putty stick 
Odor      Amine 
Specific Gravity  1.9
Viscosity     Flow similar to window putty 
Flash Point  >93 ºC 


Properties of cured material (typical value)

Appearance     White 


Parameters of product

Weight (kg): 0,113
Pieces per unit: 6