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Citro 3000 - DegreaserCitro 3000 - Degreaser
Citro 3000 - Degreaser Citro 3000 - Degreaser

Citro 3000 2 x 5 Liter

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Citro 3000 is a clear orange citrus fragranced cleaning agent, especially designed for degreasing and removing oil at areas, where waste product can only be disposed of in storm drains. It is a safe alternative to many highly alkaline products used for similar tasks. The product does not contain sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. It is not classified under the current C.H.I.P legislation and satisfies international tests carried out on unicellular algae and invertebrates representative of both fresh and salt water environments.


Application fields:

For the effective removal of oil from tarmac and concrete surfaces. For general cleaning of oil rigs, garage floors, ship decks, diesel islands, forecourts, floors and the general cleaning of most hard surfaces. It can be used through steam cleaning machines and cold pressure washers.

Directions For Use:

Dilute at around 2% ie.100 ml per 5 liters of warm to hot water (3-4 pump measures).

Cleaning guide:

1. Sweep floor area thoroughly.

2. The diluted solution chosen should be mixed in a clean bucket.

3. With a clean mop, apply to the area to be cleaned (for large areas clean in sections).

4. For stubborn soilings levels, use of a deck scrubber may be necessary.

5. Rinse floor area thoroughly with fresh water and allow to air dry.

Health & Safety:

Wear rubber or pvc gloves.
Keep out of reach of children.
Safety data sheets are available for professional users.
Keep from freezing.
2 x 5 liters or 6 x 0,5 liters
Available with your logo.